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By Alex Nibert

Volleyball continues hot streak

The Bluffton University Volleyball team takes a defensive stance. Photo by Alex Nibert

The Bluffton volleyball team continued its hot streak this week, defeating Denison College in straight sets and then starting the conference schedule in...Read More »

New outdoor basketball courts are a slam dunk

By Alyssa Eby

Bluffton University’s 2015-16 school year marked the opening of new basketball courts located outside Hirschy Annex Hall courtesy of Student Senate after a summer of construction.

Sommer Center and Founders Hall are the indoor basketball courts available to students. The new purple courts...Read More »

Civic Engagement Day keynote speaker: Larry Starr

by: Dyson Bowman

Yoder Recital hall was filled with students on the night of March 25, 2015 as Bluffton University’s Civic Engagement Day brought in former athletic trainer Larry Starr. Starr was first introduced to athletic training back in 1960, in the summer before his freshman year of high school, when...Read More »

Tyler Oberly visits Bluffton

On the afternoon of Thursday, January 22 Bluffton University hosted a mathematics seminar unlike any you’ve ever been to. Tyler Oberly, Manager of Analytics for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, addressed an eager audience with a speech titled “Sports Analytics: Diving into the math behind athletics.”

The seminar, which was...Read More »

College athletes: rate your coach

Locker Room Talk® ( is a rating and review website for college coaches which compiles information in an easy-to-search format so that high school athletes undergoing the varsity recruiting process can make educated decisions.

Through a short, anonymous online survey, Locker Room Talk gives college players the unique ability to easily...Read More »

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