New Living Opportunity for First-Years


First-year students at Bluffton have a new living option available for the 2014-2015 school year. Education majors coming to campus for the first time now have the opportunity to live with other like-minded students on the fourth floor of Neufeld Hall. The program is called Community-to-Classroom, or C2C.

As well as living together, the C2C students are enrolled in some of the same classes and get to enjoy a community of like-minded education students. This is an exciting opportunity for incoming students to consider, because it is not available anywhere else on campus. Most other residence halls on campus combine students of all years and majors. The floor is also co-ed, with the floor’s lobby open for the C2C students 24 hours a day, while the rest of the residence halls only have the main lobby of the building open 24 hours.

C2C has two mentors, and education students, living on the floor, as well as an education major Resident Advisor. “All of the students get along so well! Our lobby is always being utilized for homework and recreational activities! I really enjoy interacting with the first-year students that have a passion for teaching just like me. I’m looking forward to future community building with this group.” Sophomore mentor Rachel Keske said about the new program.

Students wishing to join the C2C living-learning program next year must fill out an application to be considered. Not all applicants are accepted due to limited spots.

Relaunch Date

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We’re getting organized to relaunch the site for the new academic year.  Check back in with us on Tuesday, September 30, 2014.