About Us

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About Us

BlufftonConnection.com is a student-organized combination of the campus newspaper and radio station 96.1 WBWH at Bluffton (Ohio) University.

Content at BlufftonConnection.com is written, produced and managed by Bluffton University students. You will find stories about the Bluffton community, sports and campus activities. Base formats on WBWH are Hymns, Smooth Jazz/Modern R&B, Indie and Alternative Rock.

Many of the students involved in BlufftonConnection.com and WBWH are Communication or Broadcasting and Journalism majors, but this is not a requirement for involvement. Both BlufftonConnection.com and WBWH are open to students of all majors interested in participating.

Prospective students

Senior social work major Daila Moore works on a radio show in WBWH’s production lab.

We’re always looking for prospective students to join the Bluffton Connection and WBWH team. The campus radio station and newspaper provide students — even freshmen — with an excellent hands-on learning experience right from the beginning.

In addition to real-world training as professional communicators, students grow through an exceptional curriculum rooted in a solid theoretical framework. The faculty are not only passionate about communication, they’re deeply invested in challenging and inspiring students to discover their own passions.

WBWH staff

  • Alex Parker, program director
  • Alex Nibert, sports director/play-by-play announcer
  • Lucas Augustine, music co-director
  • Mackenzie Hoeckley, music co-director
  • Brock Goetz, on-air announcer/board operator
  • Jeremy Motley, on-air talent
  • Dave Woodward, technical manager
  • Marathana Prothro, faculty advisor