Lincoln Hall Update


After doing some digging, I have found that Lincoln Hall meets all building codes, but does not meet residents hall codes according to Mustaq Ahmed, Director of buildings and grounds.

Lincoln Hall is heated, but only enough to keep from freezing. Lincoln does not meet overnight standards because the exit lights have not been tested recently and the bathrooms are not cleaned regularly.

The 4-5 hour window where Lincoln Hall will be open this Friday the 31st for Residents Life’s MAD event will be supervised at all times by Residence Life staff. No fires, not even candles, are allowed, just like in all residents halls. Bathrooms will not be available for use either. Mustaq feels that with personal supervision from Caleb Farmer, Director of Residents Life, and Julie Degraw, Dean of Students the event and students attending the event should be just fine.

As for the asbestos question, Julie said “to my knowledge there is no asbestos” in Lincoln Hall.

Mustaq also has notified Fire Chief, Jon Kinn for extra awareness, just as notification would be made for any large event.

More news about Lincoln Hall soon.

Photo of the week

Editor’s note: Bluffton Connection will be posting a “Photo of the Week” periodically throughout the semester.  If you’ve recently taken a picture that you’re proud of and would like it to appear on the site, send it to us at:

This week’s photo was taken by Meg Short.

Josh Burkholder, junior Sports Management/Information Technology major from Warden, Washington takes a break from homework out on the library lawn.

Josh Burkholder, junior Sports Management/Information Technology major from Warden, Washington takes a break from homework out on the library lawn.

Pipe burst in Founders Hall


October 29, 2014 around 12:10pm, a pipe under the sink of a biology lab station in Founders Hall spontaneously burst.


IMG04277-20141029-1209 (2)


The picture above is a puddle made by the burst spreading from underneath the wall to the other side of the hallway. Water also covered about a third of the floor in the biology lab.

The sink’s valve was turned off by Mark Bourassa, Director of University Events Complex; Conferences, in response to a student concerned about a “random growing puddle in Founders”. Brent Schroeder, Assistant Director of University Events Complex, Larry Maynard, University Events Complex Custodian ,and Jane Amstutz, University Events Complex Secretary were all at scene to clean up.

Thanks to our Marbeck Center staff’s quick response time large scale damage was avoided.

Four charged in hazing case

Approximately three years after the hazing death of Robert Champion, four members of Florida A&M University’s Marching 100 are now being charged with manslaughter and felonious hazing.

In light of Champion’s death the marching band was banned from competing for over a year and the issue of hazing in collegiate bands drew national attention. It is said that Champion was “crossing Bus C” when he was fatally injured. “Crossing Bus C,” which is the term the band used to describe the hazing ritual, entails walking down the aisle of a bus while band mates bludgeon new members with drum mallets, drumsticks, and fists.

After he reached the end of the aisle, Champion vomited and expressed that he felt unable to breathe. He soon fell unconscious and was unable to be revived. An autopsy concluded that Champion’s cause of death was “hemorrhage shock and extensive internal bleeding”, a direct result of the hazing.

The four band members charged have pleaded “not guilty” to the aforementioned charges.

The Crew’s chance at greatness

Greatness is only for those who truly believe in themselves. Anyone can rise to greatness. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, because one of the key components to greatness is the journey to becoming great and knowing that adversity will be there. It’s easy to give up and let things just unfold regardless of the outcome.

However, in order to truly obtain the title of greatness we must keep pushing pass our limits and win as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Rosa Parks, Messi, Ronaldo, Steve Young, Bill Russell, Phil Jackson and many others have done. Each of these individuals became great by going through adversity and they knew that it was not an easy task.

The Columbus Crew are starting to realize that they have the opportunity to be a great team, because they rank 3rd in the MLS Cup standings. They have elevated their game by playing outstanding and pushing themselves each game. Their record has somewhat reflected how outstanding they have been this season.

The Crew have won 14 games, edging out the New York Red Bulls for the 3rd spot. At 14 (wins) 10 (loses) 10 (draws), they seemed to be streaking and producing at the right time. It’s been awhile since I have seen them play this well. They did managed to capture the title in 2008, but that was a long time ago.

Momentum seems to be on their side and I hope that they take it into the playoffs and win the title. Best of luck to the Crew. I hope they allow their chance at greatness to drive them.

New Bike Path Connects Main Street To Fast Food Restaurants off I-75

President Jim Harder looks on at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Photo courtesy of

President Jim Harder looks on at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Photo courtesy of

After five years of planning, a new bike path was officially opened to the public at a ribbon-cutting ceremony Oct. 21, 2014. The 2009 Comprehensive Bluffton Bike and Pedestrain Master Plan needed upwards of $123,000 to commence. 36 area individuals and businesses are responsible for raising the required funds.

The path was initiated by the Bluffton Lions Club and Bluffton Lions Foundation, thus earning it the name “Lions Way.” The goal of the path is to improve public safety on a heavily-traveled route, where sidewalks are scarce.Spanning seven-tenths of a mile, the new path will allow bikers and pedestrians to safely travel from Main Street to the businesses off of I-75, among other places.

Bike paths have always been a big part of Bluffton’s past. Ropp and Mary Em Triplett launched the idea of several other bike and pedestrian pathways in the late 1970’s, which were implemented in the ’80s. For more on the history of bike paths in Bluffton, click here.

This whole initiative has been a part of the Bluffton community’s effort to connect the people to various destinations, and promote the health and well-being of area community members. The addition of the bike shop downtown last year, CG Pro Bikes, also furthered this mentality. Bluffton students with bikes on campus can utilize both this resource, and the new path.

Lions Way is not entirely completed yet. About 200 feet along Commerce Lane to Route 103 are scheduled for completion soon.

Lincoln Hall is opening up for an event?

Is anyone else curious as to why Lincoln Hall is “closed”?


Just like you, I’ve heard rumors like “Lincoln has asbestos,” “it’s dangerous,” “they can’t even tear it down because the air pollution would reach dangerous levels.”

This week I, Daila Moore, will be asking questions and hopefully finding answers to ease the minds of students who want to attend the Haunting of Lincoln MAD this Friday.

If the conditions of this building really are that bad, then why is an event being held there?

Check back Wednesday for updates.

Meet Eric Pasho


Sophomore transfer student from Akron, Ohio

Information Technology Major

From: Wooster, Ohio

Lives in Ropp Hall

Works in the Commons

A little about Eric:

Eric loves to sing and play video games. His favorite video games are League of Legends, Mario Kart, Punchout, and Super Smash bros. He pays little to no attention in classes unless his attention is paid in the form of meaningless conversation and bits of wit and wiles. He is an energetic, eccentric, exceptional individual who will find a special place in any community.

Interesting things about Eric:

Eric has an “eye thing” as in when he looks people in the eyes, it looks like he is looking at their forehead or eyebrows. Odds are, if he is talking to you, he is staring at your nose or mouth to fool you into thinking that he is looking at your eyes. His lies sound like the truth; deception is his strong suit. He can hold a note, in a yell or sing-song way, for at least 38 seconds. He can also hit and sustain the high note in the 80’s classic “Take on me” by the A-Ha. Wow. He gives people unnecessary nicknames, such as Dallas, for me, that make sense to only him. He owns every Green Day CD. Get to know this young man, because he’s worth it.

Eric’s goals:

  • to have a late night talk show, “The Pashow”
  • to become a merman, for the hot mermaids… “mer-babes”
  • memorize all of the lyrics to “One Week” by The Bare Naked Ladies
  • to go to space
  • to be a man when he grows up

Eric’s Accomplishments:

“Eric speak good” said Eric. He is an articulate 19 year old wit-master. He was recently on a mall adventure with his friends when he allowed make-up to be applied to his face in public. He has entertained Daila Moore for two hours for this single interview. He accomplished a successful transfer from University of Akron to our very own Bluffton University. See him, greet him, befriend him.

Clarification on Bluffton Connection’s Role

Since our re-launch on Sept. 30 Bluffton Connection has successfully posted new content each and every weekday on which classes have been held. While this is exciting news, we realize that some mistakes have been made and that a few weeks of work is nothing to brag too much about.

Shortly after the re-launch we encountered some flak from anonymous readers. There were complaints about grammatical errors in stories and also expressions of disapproval concerning some of the content. Your input was received and it is appreciated. A student news source thrives on feedback, so we’d like to thank you for giving us something to work with.

That being said, there are some clarifications that need to be made to ensure that the Bluffton Connection staff and its readers are on the same page.

First of all, let me fully explain what Bluffton Connection is and what its role is so that both are perfectly clear to all. This is designed to be a student-driven news outlet fueled by Bluffton University students (hence the banner at the top of the page). Keep in mind that Bluffton Connection is an independent student-operated journalism laboratory and that its Editorial Board decides what is posted.

We are not a forum for the university to use as it pleases. We are not a branch of the Public Relations Department. Therefore, we are not responsible for spreading the politically correct, carefully crafted version of what’s going on here. There are plenty of people whose job it is to do just that. And while we respect them as well as their profession, we do not fit into that category, nor do we wish to.

Instead, Bluffton Connection coverage includes student-produced campus news, feature stories, photography, opinion pieces and anything else we consider important enough to be posted. All of which is presented from a student point of view. We completely comprehend that other demographics also factor into our readership but we do not aim to cater to those groups, but rather to the student body.

The Bluffton Connection staff firmly believes that the campus endorsed “Community of Respect,” allows for freedom of expression when it comes to language used and topics covered. At times these freedoms may appear controversial, but will, of course, conform to mainstream media standards.

Additionally, going forward please make sure to address any questions, comments, or concerns to me, Mitchell Gatzke. As the Executive Editor of Bluffton Connection I will take full responsibility for what is posted on the site regardless of whether or not I am the writer behind the story in question. However, in order to do that properly I need to be the one who is contacted when there is an issue. Not a faculty advisor, not a professor in the Communication Department, or even its Chair, but me.

A professor of mine once said, “Remember that Bluffton’s motto is ‘the Truth Makes Free’ and oftentimes Power is allergic to truth disseminated publicly.” This essentially means that those who have control in any situation would generally prefer to keep others in the dark simply because that makes it a bit easier to operate. I’d remind those who would disagree that freedom of the press is what makes the democratic process possible.

Rest assured that all of the above will be covered in a professional journalistic approach with the Bluffton Connection Editorial Board having the final say.

As the great Frank Sinatra famously sang, “You ain’t seen nothing yet. The best is yet to come.”

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me:
Mitchell Gatzke
Phone: (313) 377-6423

Meet Jesse Roth

Jesse Roth photoshopJesse Roth is a senior majoring in Business, and Writing, from Rockford, Ohio

She lives in Ramseyer Hall

She is President of Fault Lines line dancing club

Campus jobs: Writing Center tutor and English department assistant.

What is Fault Lines?

Jesse started Fault Lines because she wanted a space for her friends, as well as herself, to dance and have a jolly-good time.

How is that going?

Last semester Fault Lines had five consistent members and this year membership has doubled and opened up to the community as well.

What is in store for Fault Lines this year?

Jesse and her band of dancers will be participating in the Fort Wayne Dance for All Choreography Competition at the end of February.

Interesting Things About Jesse

She is an original Superman lover! Ask her about her Halloween costume choices for the past 3 years.

Jesse’s interests follow reading books. Jodi Picoult, author of My Sister’s Keeper and Micheal Crichton, author of Jurassic Park. Talk to her about books and movies. Her favorite movies are the Scream movies and Jaws. Fun fact, she’s picky about her submarine sandwiches because she used to work at Subway, for three years, and she is in general, just a picky person. She’s colorblind! She won’t tell you that your clothes don’t match.

Jesse’s Accomplishments, because she’s awesome.

Presidential Scholarship winner… wow.

Her line dance choreography has been and is still being taught in various places in America, ask her about it.

She has edited 2 published books, entitled Story Hour and Other Stories by Robert Flanagan, and Waiting at the Dead End Diner by Rebecca Schumejda.

In 2010 she won the Fort Wayne Dance for All Choreography Completion in the phrased non-country.  She won, being the youngest choreographer, and it was her first year.

“Line dancing is for everyone, whether you have danced for ten, twenty years or never. It’s more than fun, I love it. Dancing is a great way to exercise and it is so good for you.”