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We are all faced with countless questions about who we are. It’s not that we’re completely unsure of ourselves, we just want to hear someone tell us that we are special. For those who believe this crap, I say to you that you don’t need anyone to tell you how special you are. Yes, it’s nice to hear, but depending on someone telling you is not a good thing.

You are an individual and God made you in his own image. It’s your job to know that you are special and to embrace the beauty that God has given you. One of the main problems people struggle with is believing that we must try to fit in, which is a load of crap. You don’t need to fit in, because if you do then what’s so special about you? You will be just like everybody else and nothing will make you stand out. Therefore my advice to you is embrace your crazy, goofy, funny, wacky, and weird self. Don’t change for people, just grow to be the person that you are meant to be.

Don’t take my word for it if you don’t want to. Read this quote, and you will understand. According to Marianne Williamson “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Don’t fit in, stand out!


Colombian Cross Cultural Students Help Victims of Cali, Colombia

Last week, Bluffton students who participated in the Colombian cross cultural experience in May held a coffee and hot chocolate sale. The proceeds benefited 42 families who were left homeless by a fire in Charco Azul, a marginalized neighborhood in Cali, Colombia.

Virgelino Cordoba, whom the group met while in Colombia, notified Bluffton associate professor of Education Paul Neufeld Weaver about the great need. Weaver, who served as faculty adviser for the trip, greatly enjoyed the strong Colombian coffee while the group was there, and brought some back. He suggested that the students hold a coffee sale in Centennial from 7:45-11 a.m. each morning the week of September 22.

The Columbian group was comprised of 10 students and three adults. They left for the South American country on May 8, 2014 and returned on May 29. While they were there, the group stayed in Bogota, the largest city in Colombia, and learned a lot about the conflicts of the past and the current non-military struggles facing the Colombian people.

Cordoba, who is an English professor at a school in Cali, allowed the Bluffton group to talk with his students. The school, CAU (Colegio Americas Unidas), is Mennonite-affiliated, and is in the same area as the Charco Azul neighborhood. Cordoba and his wife know people affected by the late-August fire, and started garnering support for the cause in any way they could.

To find out what you can do to continue the support for the victims, contact Paul Neufeld Weaver.

Meet Jessica Parker


Jessica is a Public Relations and Marketing major from McComb, Ohio
She lives in Ropp Hall, Old Ropp
Her job on campus: Campus Coverage Manager
She’s a member of: Bluffton University Business Leaders, Student Alumni Association, Habitat for Humanity, Public Relations Student Society of America


What is your favorite thing to do?

“Hang out with friends and watch Scandal… I want to be like Olivia Pope when I grow up.”
Tell me about your life goals.

  • To work for a non-profit
  • To work in crisis management
  • To have a big family
  • To have elephant rides at my wedding
  • To work in PR
  • To get into Ball State for her masters and to be a graduate assistant
  • To learn how to make mushroom ravioli

Interesting Things about Jessica:
Jessica collects elephants because she loves them. Her mother almost spelled her name J-e-s-s-y-k-a Jessyka. She can play three instruments: Clarinet, Alto-Sax, and piano. She helps facilitate events at WKXA FM in Findlay and she volunteers at the Hope House.

Jessica’s Accomplishments:

She is a National Honors Society member, she has survived for 20 years! She once watched all of the seasons of Parenthood on Netflix in 2 weeks. She bought herself a pair of knock-off Tom’s that have changed her life.

Sports Talk with Ryan

How are you going to look at a woman and place your hands on her? Did your mother not teach you how to treat a woman?

If not, then here is your first lesson: don’t hit a woman.  Treat her like the queen that she is. Ray Rice forgot that when he placed his hands on his then-fiance. I have lost respect for him, because I was raised to know that you should never hit a woman, nor treat her with disrespect, regardless if she is rude. I think that someone should hit him like he did her and see how he would like it. Matter of fact someone should hit him with great force, since he is a “man” and thinks that he is so strong.

I was happy to find out that his team release him and the NFL suspend him indefinitely. Personally, I thought they handled it wrong originally, because giving him a two-game suspension was just plain stupid. How are you going to suspend a guy two games for hitting his fiance? Basically, the league is presenting a case where you can do an outrageous act and not much will be done to punish you. However, after the public was angry, the league decided to act with a more serious punishment for players who feel like they can hit a woman and get away with it. Personally, I think that the commissioner was happy that the video from TMZ leaked, because he got a “second” chance at punishing Ray Rice.

Some of his fans are arguing that he should get a second chance, which is fine, but I think a year or two year suspension should knock some sense into him and any other player that feels they can do this ridiculous crime and get away with it. The point I am trying to convey is that you should never hit a women. Under no circumstances, should any man hit a woman, and if he does there needs to be serious consequences that will make him understand.

Meet Ryan Laidlaw

photo 1 (1)


Ryan Laidlaw is a Senior, Social Work major from Lima, Ohio
He lives in Bren-Dell Hall
His campus job is working in the Marbeck Commons
He is involved in many different ways on campus including: Improv, ICON, Multi-Cultural Affairs, Tennis Club, Serve, MCB, Gospel Choir, Radio Show Host.

You’re a radio host?

Yes, “I wish we had more listeners but it is still fun.”
What is The Laidlaw Show?
It is an entertainment show. We talk about sports, movies, and t.v. shows. I give shout outs and talk about what is trending.
The Laidlaw Show airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11am on 96.1 WBWH and streaming online at
Tell me about your life goals.
• To be a successful social worker and lawyer
• To be an investor
• To be a CEO
• To be a marriage counselor
And ultimately to get financially stable so my mother doesn’t have to work another day in her life.

Interesting Things about Ryan:

Ryan is a man with an opinion. Ryan doesn’t hesitate to spread his love via philosophy. His words of wisdom and experience will clear your cloudy skies and offer your mind some freedom.  He is quite humble when sober. Ladies, he is also “single and ready to mingle.”

Contact information:
• E-mail:
• Snap Chat: Ryanst0ne

Ryan’s Accomplishments:
Ryan graduated from Elida with a 3.2. He has won multiple writing awards. He knows some Spanish. He has been to Iceland on a two and a half week excursion. He volunteers at Lima youth and family YMCA and was volunteer of the year in 2011.

How to Manage your Time Wasting

“I have absolutely no time for anything.”

WRONG. Common complaints of a college student: “I didn’t have time to do anything last night,” “There is so much homework, I don’t even have time to work out,” “I don’t even have time to sleep.” That, ladies and gentlemen is a bunch of b.o.l.o.g.n.a.

You have more time than you realize. That hour you spend sitting at the lunch table is an hour that can be used more wisely. How long does it really take to eat a dry piece of chicken and a basket of over salted french fries? Get your food, eat it, and leave. You will spend less time absorbing that not-so-lovely Marbeck air and more time doing work that you would have had to do later anyway.

Also, get off of social media. Stop yick-yacking about things that don’t matter. Remember that we are all humans that have feelings and if you can’t say anything nice, than for the love of all things good and holy, don’t say anything at all.

Watch one less episode of Game of Thrones. Spoiler alert: They all die.

Take a shorter shower. This is for all of you who take two hours to wash yourself. You’re the reason I have luke-warm showers. Yes, I am salty about that.

Don’t screw around while working out. Go in with a plan and get it done.

Stop procrastinating and just do it.

There is time, but in order to find it, you can’t be lazy.

96.1 WBWH Hosts Annual “Let’s Make a Deal” Event

Homecoming week wouldn’t be complete without WBWH’s rendition of Let’s Make a Deal.  This year wasn’t any different.   Everyone at this year’s event was graced with the presence of J. Denny and Jenny Beaver. There were many prizes handed out that ranged from Pringles to gas cards, iTunes cards and everything in between; there was even a turkey hat.

There was free pizza and pop served before the event and if you were lucky enough to be one of the first twenty people, you received a complimentary air freshener or a deck of cards. The homecoming committee was also on the scene handing out free t-shirts and drawstring bags. During the game there was plenty of entertainment from twerking to line dancing.

Jenny Beaver showing off her prize!

Jenny Beaver showing off her prize!

Jenny Beaver even got a chance to play Deal or No Deal (though she was influenced by a very rambunctious J. Denny).  If you didn’t attend this event you definitely missed out, everyone loves free stuff and entertainment.  We had plenty of both.  If you loved this event don’t forget to tune into 96.1 WBWH to show your support!


Beware of the “Red Zone”

The beginning of your college career is supposed to be a time of excitement and new experiences, not a time of fear and pain.  The first three months of fall semester is the most dangerous time for females, especially freshmen girls, to be a victim of some sort of sexual assault. This time, from the beginning of the semester until Thanksgiving break, is what is being considered a “Red Zone” for college women.

The “Red Zone” was described by the New York Times as “a period of vulnerability for sexual assaults”.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in four women will be sexually assaulted in college.  In 2007 there was a Campus Sexual Assault Study done and it concluded that more than 50% of college sexual assault cases happen from August until November.  There are many tips that are given especially to women on how to protect themselves from being raped or assaulted. Never go anywhere alone, be careful if you drink alcohol and never leave your drink unattended. Always keep a cell phone on you, and trust your instincts.  These tips, however useful they may be, are not the answer to abolishing sexual assault cases on campus.

The statistic of one in four women being assaulted during college is astounding and something that many colleges and universities are finally starting to acknowledge as a real issue.  Many schools have implemented seminars that first year students are required to attend that explain the school’s sexual assault policy, the meaning of consent, and what to do in the case that you are assaulted. Bluffton University is also involved in this movement to end sexual assault on campus and have implemented some of these strategies to raise awareness and educate students.

Being sexually assaulted is traumatic and takes a piece of you with it.  If you or someone you know has been assaulted I would encourage you to report it to not only the school but also to the authorities.  Sexual assault is something no one should have to go through, but it does happen and when it does it’s not something anyone should have to go through alone.  There are many resources on and around campus that are there for you if you ever find yourself in this terrible situation.  Reporting these things are the only way that we are going to be able to put an end to assault on campuses around the country.  If all of us work together towards educating peers and standing up against this great injustice, we can hopefully help put an end to the exorbitant amount of assault happening on college campuses around the country.

Fire Pit Comes to Fruition

During the 2013-2014 academic year, members of the Student Senate proposed the idea of building a fire pit for the student body to use as both a way to socialize and a way to increase student involvement in campus-wide activities. It is also projected to increase potential-student interest in Bluffton University. Due to time constraints, the project was unable to fruition, but the Senate is now pushing to finalize the design this semester. The current design includes seating for approximately fifty people and will cost about $45,000. The cost of the fire pit will be met using resources like the Student Endowment Fund as well as voluntary contributions from individual students and members of the Bluffton community. The fire pit is expected to be installed between Neufeld Hall and the volleyball courts. No specific construction date has been set at this time.


New Man on Campus

Caleb Farmer, the new Director of Residence Life, is one of many new faces on campus.  Originally from Indiana, Caleb traveled to Waco, Texas to attend Baylor University where he received his undergraduate and masters degrees. Baylor University is where Caleb’s passion for residence life began. While at Baylor University, he was an assistant hall director and the program director of residential life. In addition to his work at the college, Caleb had been a youth pastor for the past four years.

Caleb Farmer and his wife Ryn

Caleb Farmer and his wife Ryn

Caleb is not the only person who has jumped on the Bluffton University train wagon! His wife Ryn, of seven years, came to be a part of the Bluffton community as well. Caleb says that he loves the atmosphere downtown and enjoys the flavor of all the local businesses. Like a lot of students on campus, Caleb enjoys music. He interviews bands and writes in a music journal. Along with his love of music is his love for racquet ball; he is always looking for a new partner to play with.  The role Caleb plays as the Director of Residence Life is to ensure that students feel safe and involved, to help make Bluffton feel a little bit like home. Caleb plans to help our residence here be just that.

The excitement Caleb shows to get to know all the students, faculty, and staff on campus is inspiring and ensuring. We look forward to getting know to our new Residence Life director and his family. So, let’s give Caleb a warm welcome, and if you see him roaming around campus make sure to make an effort to get to know him a little bit better.