Music review: Detroit Vs. Everybody

500_1415676531_shady_detroit_vs_everybody_cover_10Artist: Eminem Feat. Royce Da 5’9″, Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf, Trick Trick (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
Song: Detroit Vs. Everybody
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Rating: 4.5/5

Detroitttttttttttttt! Eminem drops a banger featuring some of Detroit’s coldest Mc’s, recruiting Dej Loaf, Danny Brown, Royce Da 5’9, Big Sean, and Trick Trick.

Dej loaf started off the track with her smooth singing on the hook. Then Royce started off the first verse with some ill bars; Big Sean followed suit with the second verse where he rips it (Detroit style). Danny brown delivered his verse. Eminem had the last verse ending the song with a bang before the Mayor Trick Trick closed the track speaking.

The single” Detroit Vs. Everybody” will be featured on Eminem’s “Shadys XV” compilation which he plans to release November 24th.

“Shady XV” will be a two-disc album that will include a greatest hits compilation from the label, as well as new records from Eminem and Slaughterhouse.

To listen to Eminem’s new single “Detroit Vs. Everybody” click here.

Who do you think had the best verse? Who else should have been on the track from Detroit? Let us know what you think.

Facing our fears for Spiritual Life Week

The overall winners of the Fear Factor event: Josh Burkholder, Alicia Rodriguez, Aimee Lugibihl, Katey Ebaugh, and Tobin Eicher

The winning team of the Fear Factor event: Josh Burkholder, Alicia Rodriguez, Aimee Lugibihl, Katey Ebaugh, and Tobin Eicher

Sometimes, being a follower of Christ means doing stuff we really don’t want to do. Sometimes, we have to take a leap of faith and pray that everything will be ok in the end. And sometimes, we have to transfer wet dog food from one bowl to another using only our mouth to carry it.

That’s what participants in Spiritual Life Week’s Fear Factor event last Monday did. Founders Gym turned into a game arena as teams of four or five were pushed to their limits in food-related challenges. One student from each group competed at a time, attempting to beat the clock and the other groups.

Pig’s feet, dog food, spam, and sardines were among the foods consumed during the various challenges. While a few got sick, most contestants kept the food down and walked away from challenges smiling and laughing.

After each fear factor challenge, members of the spiritual life week planning committee asked students to come up with an analogy pertaining to the previous food item consumed and relate it to the theme for the week, No Fear in Love. It’s based off of 1 John 4:18, as were the rest of the week’s activities.

The highlight of the week was a free concert by Christian rapper “KJ-52” (pronounced kay jay five two), and Florida native Jonah Sorrentino on November 20th.

Daila’s playlist selection

Bluffton Students,

My playlist selection for this week is titled Chandelier by Sia. Before previewing the song, think about pain and happiness. Can the two be simultaneous, or are the two isolated from each other? After you listen and watch, I am interested in your comments. What do you think is going on in the video? What does her dance symbolize? How do the song and video make you feel?

The video is a dance number by one dancer who incorporates ballet, gymnastics, and new age moves.

Listen to the song and view the video by clicking here.

To read the lyrics click here.

Give this song a few minutes of your time.

I hope you enjoy insight to my personal playlist selection, expect another post soon.

Another woman accuses Bill Cosby of rape

Some nasty allegations are circulating around America’s number one family man, a man who was looked up to and idolized by countless fans. For about a decade now, Bill Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by women who say he forced alcohol and drugs on them.

Cosby and his lawyer have repeatedly said that the allegations are untrue. Bill Cosby has never been charged or prosecuted.

Since 2005, a handful of women have claimed to be victims of sexual assault at the hands of Bill Cosby. This year, those accusations resurfaced, and on Monday (November 10, 2014) one of Cosby’s accusers, Barbara Bowman, turned public once again with an article in the Washington Post. She has also spoken live with CNN.


Bowman claims she was drugged then raped, though she said she never saw drugs. “I woke up out of a very confused state not in my clothes.” She said she knew her body had been touched without her permission. She explained that she woke up in this state several times in the course of her contact with Cosby. She told CNN that Cosby told her she had been drunk.

Bowman was an aspiring actress at the time. She told CNN that Cosby was a mentor to her; someone who she thought would mold her talents. She expressed that she loved him just as America loved Dr. Huxtable. Bowman met Cosby at the age of 17 in 1985. She claimed the abuse started after she turned 18.

According to CNN, when asked about the allegations Saturday during an interview on NPR, Cosby did not respond — instead shaking his head “no,” according to the interviewer, Scott Simon.

Again, Bill Cosby was never prosecuted on any charges.

On Monday, the comedian (pretty sure it wasn’t Bill) – or whomever is in charge of his Twitter account, put out a challenge with a picture of Cosby in a cap: “Go ahead. Meme me! #cosbymeme.”

The Internet didn’t hesitate to humiliate Cosby in reaction to the allegations.


One Twitter user’s response to the challenge issued by Cosby’s account.


Does this change your perception of the comedian? What questions do you have for the victims? Could this tarnish his reputation? Should Bill Cosby drop his silence and speak out? Let us know what you think!

Steelers release LeGarrette Blount

“We believe the decision to release LeGarrette is in the best interest of the organization and wish him the best of luck,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said in a press release.

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced they would be moving on from Blount Tuesday. When LeGarrette Blount entered the league his was considered to be a “Hot Head” with a bad temper. Blount, who signed a two-year deal as a free agent after a strong playoff performance with the Patriots last season, reportedly left the playing area in Tennessee last night before the game against the Titans ended. Blount intentionally walked off the field last night in Tennessee on Primetime TV. Starter Le’Veon Bell who shares carries with LeGarrette gained more than 200 yards on the night; Blount gained none. With Bell getting all the carries Blount decided that he didn’t want to be around the team anymore, so he left the playing area entering the locker room and was undressed before the game was over.

Eight weeks ago Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, stated that Blount had been an “internal problem” over the past month, and Blount had been “dragging down” Bell. Maybe this was the straw that broke Tomlin’s back; after further antics Mike Tomlin decided to release him Tuesday.

Blount is now eligible for waivers. Possibly the Cleveland Browns will claim Blount since they released their power back Ben Tate, who was complaining about his role.

When will LeGarrete Blount’s antics stop? What do you think Blount needs to learn from this? Which team do you think will claim Blount? Let us know what you think!


Love has no definition and explaining love is like explaining how water tastes. Try not to rush into something and allow yourself to feel.

It will hurt when you love someone and they don’t love you back, but don’t let that stop your from loving.

Love is not something that happens over night, but with time and feelings it will happen. There will be days when you feel like no one loves you, but that’s wrong because love comes in different forms. It does not have to be the romantic form but other ways.

The greatest love of all is God’s love and how it never fails even when humans’ love does. I want you to understand that love will find you if you don’t rush it and just let it happen.

Guns near Bluffton Schools

by: Lucas Augustine

On April 20 1999, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris walked into their high school in Columbine, Colorado and shot twelve students and one teacher. Since then, school shootings have become a great concern for many Americans.

In the village of Bluffton, Ohio many of the university students are unaware that there is a gun store not too far from campus. Riley Creek Mercantile is a store that is one mile from the university’s campus, half a mile from the Bluffton high school and on the same street as the Bluffton elementary school.

Mercantile’s inventory has an assortment of firearms, from pistols to rifles and shotguns. The highest caliber ammo that is sold there is a “thirty ot six”. The “thirty ot six,” which is designed for rifles, hits targets up to one thousand yards away.

The price range of the firearms at The Riley Creek Mercantile ranges from $150 to $2000. In order to purchase a shotgun the customer needs to be at least eighteen years of age. While the age requirement to buy a pistol is twenty-two, as long as the person is able to pass a background check, eighteen is an acceptable age.

According to the sales associate at the store, a background check only takes about five minutes to complete. After the background check is complete and the customer is deemed “clean,” the customer is able to buy whatever gun they desire and in this case, walk outside and be standing on the same road as an elementary school, half a mile from a high school and only a mile from a college campus.

Owning a firearm is a right granted to us by the constitution, but should a store be able to sell firearms so close to schools? What about our “Mennonite” school and the Mennonite beliefs of nonviolence? These questions are for you to think about.

Busy weekend for Beavers athletics

This past weekend was a busy one for Bluffton athletics as the fall sports concluded and the winter sports began. The cross country, volleyball, and football teams finished their 2014 campaigns in championship competitions while both basketball squads started their push toward championship runs of their own.

Cross country runners competed in the NCAA Great Lakes Regional Championship which was hosted by Wilmington College. Though none of the Beavers qualified for a spot in the NCAA Championship you have to like the fact that a team with no seniors on the roster is gaining valuable experience which will certainly help them going forward.

The volleyball team fell in straight sets to the seventh-ranked Washington University Bears in the First Round of the 2014 NCAA Division III St. Louis Regional (which was on the Bears’ home court). With just one senior graduating the volleyball team’s future is also quite bright as they add much-needed experience to the obviously talented roster.


2014 HCAC MVP Mackenzie McFarlin

Sophomore Mackenzie McFarlin was named the 2014 HCAC MVP complimenting her HCAC Tournament MVP award quite nicely. Juniors Jenny Brown, Sara Roth and Kendra Parmenter received First Team HCAC honors for their efforts during the campaign. Head coach Steve Yarnell also took home some hardware this season as he was elected HCAC Coach of the Year by the other coaches in the conference.

The women’s basketball team was also in St. Louis. They played two games in the Webster Tip-off Classic, losing the opener to Spalding University on Saturday night, and then winning the second game against the host Webster University on Sunday. They’ll play their first home game of the season this Saturday as Wooster comes to the Sommer Center.

The men’s basketball team welcomed Kalamazoo on Saturday evening, grabbing an exciting first victory. An onslaught of three-pointers and sound free-throw shooting propelled the Beavers to their impressive win. They’ll travel to Naperville, Ill. this weekend for two games in the North Central Tip-Off Tourney.

Not to diminish any of the aforementioned accomplishments, but the biggest news from the past weekend came from Dwight Salzman Stadium where the Beavers stomped the Defiance Yellow Jackets to keep The Hammer in Bluffton for the fifth consecutive season. The 44-23 final score doesn’t accurately reflect the type of game this was. The Beavers dominated their arch-rivals from the first drive of the game until the clock hit zero.

Senior quarterback Nick Sheehan set a school-record with five touchdown passes.  Four of the five were caught by senior receiver Jack Tomlinson, who, by doing so, also set a school-record.

Congratulations to the twenty seniors who ended their collegiate football careers in grand fashion and have no idea what it’s like to lose to Defiance.


Jack Tomlinson became the only receiver in Bluffton history to catch four touchdown passes in a single game.

Last weekend officially flipped the sporting calendar from fall to winter and four inches of snow were dumped on us to drive home that fact.

So, get out your cold weather clothing, and when you see them around campus, be sure to congratulate fall athletes on their accomplishments and wish winter athletes luck in their upcoming competitions.

Atlanta grandmother attacks kids on school bus [video]

An Atlanta grandmother jumped on an elementary kid on a school bus, and will soon be in front of a judge to decide her punishment. Grandmothers are very protective of their grandchildren; but did Claudette Peters take it too far?

From my understanding of the situation, two school boys have had altercations for some time now. The grandmother, Claudette Peters, attacked eight year old Jashun Stephens Jr. after he tried protecting his younger brother from the much older granny. Peters attacked Jashun’s younger brother first (the one in the fight with her grandson) at which point Jashun jumped in to help and she began to attack him.

Rightfully so, the father of the victim is upset with Peters’ actions. He believes she deserves to be punished for her assault. He says his son suffered minor bruises and will be okay.

Watch the news clip here. How far across the line do you think this Grandmother stepped? What do you think her punishment should be? Let us know what you think.

Fire alarm interrupts Keeney Peace Lecture

As Dr. Stanley Haurwas gave the annual Keeney Peace Lecture in Yoder Recital Hall to a crowd of around 100 on Monday evening (Nov. 10), something out-of-the-ordinary occurred. The noted Episcopalian theologian had finished his presentation of an hour and a half and was beginning to answer questions from the audience when the fire alarm began to sound.

The presentation, which started at 7 p.m. in Yoder Recital Hall and was free to the public, focused on discipleship and caring for the poor. He explained the criticisms Christians often receive whilst doing such, and proclaimed charity still essential to Christian living. After the alarm was pulled and lecture-goers exited the hall, students left despite an interest by older folks to reconvene.

One anonymous student said “The content was interesting. The mode of presentation was what sort-of put me to sleep. While the event definitely brought in a lot of community members, it seemed that the majority of the crowd were members of the AARP. Only about 20 students attended. When the alarm was pulled, I assumed it was another student. ”

Haurwas is the Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus of Divinity and Law at Duke University Divinity School. He has written over 40 books, and holds four degrees from Yale University. He was even included in Time magazine as “America’s Best Theologian” in 2001.

According to Bluffton’s website, “Bluffton’s Keeney Peace Lectureship was established in 1978 by the family of William Sr. and Kathryn Keeney to express appreciation for Bluffton’s influence and to strengthen the continuing peace witness among the community.”

To our knowledge, nothing quite like this has happened at a Bluffton lecture in the recent past. Our sources tell us that it was a child and not a University student who pulled the alarm, although nothing has been confirmed.