Daila’s playlist selection

Bluffton Students,

I’ve stumbled upon a British quartet, alt-J, whilst spending time educating myself clicking my way through StumbleUpon.com.

If you do not have any experience with StumbleUpon, I highly recommend it.

My playlist selection for this week is titled Breezeblocks by alt-J. Before previewing the song, clear your mind from judgement and bias and just listen until the end. Expand the horizons of your influence and perceptions. After you listen and watch, I am interested in your comments. What do you think is going on in the video? How does the song and video make you feel?

To hear only the song, click here and then press play.

The video is a backwards progression of a scene and, forewarning: contains violent imagery.

Listen to the song and view the video by clicking here.

To read the lyrics click here.

The music is a cluster of every kind of dynamic and refreshing. The concept is mind-bending and alluring. Give this song a few minutes of your time.

I hope you enjoy insight to my personal playlist selection, expect another post soon.

The “Haunting of Lincoln” party

by: Ryan Laidlaw

On October 30th, Marbeck Center Board, Theme Housing, and the Residential Life Department held a haunted house party in the former residential hall, Lincoln Hall. Nathaniel Haas was the coordinator for the event; he is who requested the approval of Dr. Julie DeGraw to host the party in Lincoln. “Lincoln is creepy even during the daytime as well as night time and people’s reactions changed when I told them about moving [the party] from Neufeld to Lincoln,” Hass said.

Since the building’s closing in 2011, many students believed that Lincoln was considered to be condemned. ‘The Haunting of Lincoln’ concept was created last year by students in Neufeld when they held an event called ‘The Haunting of Neufeld.’

The usage of Lincoln for the party was approved by the Dean of Students, Dr. DeGraw. Nate affirms, “Julie was really excited and wanted to do it, so she said she would talk to a few people and see if it was possible.”  Nate stated that Julie spoke with members from the Buildings and Grounds Department. Buildings and Grounds workers are in charge of the residential halls and making sure they are fully functional. They went through Lincoln to see where the event could take place and what places were off limits. Hass stated that Buildings and Grounds workers told him that he had to have two exits, including a main entrance. The workers told him that he had to keep the bathrooms locked off due to the bad plumbing. “Hopefully it holds upright, so that next year we can come back and use it a lot more,” said Haas.

According to Ravi Knutson, the Hall Director of Ropp and one of the people who assisted with the event, Lincoln might not be used for the haunting party next year because of the plans that the university has for it. Lincoln will likely be torn down to make space for the new science building, but there are a lot of conflicts about this idea because alumni want to keep it as Lincoln, while the university wants to do other things with it.


Pepsi recently conducted taste tests of a Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Pepsi Company offered samples of the new Nacho cheese Doritos/ Mountain Dew flavor-blend called “Dewitos” at Kent State University.

A Reddit user was apparently one of the lucky Kent State students that got to taste a sample of the new “Dewitos” beverage. He told Reddit: “It tasted like orange with a Doritos after taste. It tasted like straight Doritos afterwards though. Weirdest thing I’ve ever drunken.”

If you aren’t convinced as to how real this product is, Quartz writes, “A Pepsi spokesperson has confirmed that these product tests are indeed in progress.” A statement to Quartz via email said, “We are always testing out new flavors of Mountain Dew, and giving our fans a voice in helping decide on the next new product has always been important to us. We opened up the DEW flavor vault and gave students a chance to try this Doritos-inspired flavor as part of a small program at colleges and universities.”

B1FVSYDIcAAonyM (1)-1

Dewitos are real people! What is the world coming to? Nothing was the same (in Drake Voice). Would you ever try Dewitos? What do you think they will come out with next? Let us know.

Schumacher back in classes after eye complications scare

Bluffton Senior, Isaac Schumacher had a very eventful fall break – but not in the way you might think. The Pandora, OH native discovered that he had retinal detachment and had an invasive eye surgery while most of us were arriving back on campus for classes after break.

It all started when he noticed a dark spot in his peripheral vison about two weeks prior. Schumacher mentioned it to his father, but assumed it would just go away on its own. However, it did not. His close-up vision was becoming blurred as well. He went in to his family eye doctor and was told he had retinal detachment and needed immediate surgery.

Schumacher’s father has bad near-sightedness, and the doctor concluded that Isaac did as well. They both have oval-shaped eyes, as opposed to a rounder shape, which are prone to thinning and retinal detachment. “It’s not that my eyes were falling out, which is what it sounds like,” Isaac said. “It’s more of a tear, which can lead to total loss of vision.”

He had surgery on his right eye, and they put in a buckle in the back. Laser eye surgery was done on the left to add scar tissue. Both eyes are fine for now, though his eyes are sensitive to light (he’s wearing sunglasses for the next few weeks) and he has to put drops in that blur his vision. Other than his eyes looking bloody, they are back to being functional.

Retinal detachment only occurs in about 5 people each year, so it’s somewhat rare. “It’s usually something found in pretty old people, not 21 year olds,” Isaac said. “They were definitely surprised [that he was so young]. When you go into retinal surgeons, it’s older people in the waiting room. And then I was there.”

So did something other than the hereditary concerns cause all these eye problems? “Nothing I did knocked my eyes out or anything like that. Even if something had sped up the process, it’s something my eyes were already prone to. I’m kind of glad it happened now so that I could get it taken care of.”

Isaac is a graphic design major with an art minor, so his eyes are a huge part of his career. He returned to classes after a week and a half off, on Oct. 27. “It was pretty scary, but it did happen quickly and I’m glad it’s over.”

Student Senate puts commuter proposal on back burner

by: Brianna Lugibihl


Bluffton University’s Student Senate placed commuter space proposal aside a month after its proposition.
In September, Student Senate President Matthew McCoy proposed designating a specific place for commuter students to keep their belongings in response to various commuters’ requests throughout the year. Senate debated locations and requirements, such as space, centrality to campus, and accessibility. At Monday’s meeting, it was not on the agenda.

Alex Lugibihl, a commuter of three semesters, supports the proposal. Last year, he not only slept in his car during inclement weather, but had his laptop stolen. He says, “If I had a place that was relatively central on campus where I could store things without going to my car, it would cut down on my stress and make me more confident in the security of my belongings.”

When informed that Student Senate had postponed progress, he stated, “Commuters often get treated like second rate students anyway. . . it is kind of unfortunate that we are being shoved aside again.” Lugibihl keeps his belongings in Mosiman when he is unable to go to his car between activities.

Alex Parker, a third year commuter, stashes his belongings in the library on days when he doesn’t have access to his family car. He said, “It would be nice to have a place to stay instead of being left to the elements . . . if you are a commuter student and you are stuck on campus, that’s on you.” He responds to Senates postponement stating, “I have accepted that I am like a second class citizen, so I have stopped complaining.”

Student Senate Treasurer, Charles Miller, says that “this issue of commuter representation has been brought up several times in Senate” and Senior Representative, commuter Jeremy Basinger, speaks on the commuters’ behalf.

Earlier attempts at a commuter lounge in Ramseyer Hall and Centennial Hall have both failed. McCoy guesses that it was overlooked. He says, “The vast majority of students are students that live on campus. Not that the campus doesn’t care about commuters, but there have been issues that have come up that a greater amount of students would benefit from.”

Lugibihl says, “It is already difficult to be involved in campus and it is difficult to see that just because we try to save a little money, we suffer for it.”
Bluffton University currently has seventy-nine full time commuter students versus six hundred sixty-seven residential students.

McCoy says the proposal will be revisited at end of November or beginning of the next semester.

Students may contact Student Senate at the Bluffton University Student Senate Facebook page or by talking to local student senators. Student senator profiles are located on the Senate bulletin board across from the bookstore in Marbeck Center.

Not so great

Greatness was not in the eyes of the Columbus Crew as they allowed the New England Revolution to beat them in the MLS Playoffs. There were two games and both teams were allowed to play at home.

The Revolution defeated the Crew on their home field 4-2 then defeated the Crew on the Revolution’s home field 3-1. There was hoped that the Crew might turn things around in the second game, but things got out of hand when they allowed the Revolution to score in the first half of the second game.

The Crew showed promise this year, but unfortunately they did not deliver and now they have to go back and figure things out. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing how they would do further in the playoffs.

The only bright spot I saw to the Crew this year was being able to attend four games including the first playoff game with my friend Kapumba. It was his first professional soccer game and it was a playoff game. We had fun, but it was frustrating to see the Crew lose at home and to read about them being eliminated from the playoffs.

As many losing team fans would say, “There is always next year.”

Holiday survey

Take our new survey about holidays.


This survey is inspired by Danielle Moore, sophomore intervention major, from Plymouth, Ohio.



Beavers’ winning streak ends


by: Joel Jacobson

The battle for 2nd place in the HCAC football rankings ended in defeat for the Beavers. The Mount Saint Joseph Lions traveled to Salzman Stadium Saturday afternoon to challenge the Beavers for 2nd place in the HCAC.

The Lions struck first with a field goal. The Beavers responded on their next drive with Nick Sheehan tossing a strike over the middle to receiver Micah Roberson who then muscled through three defenders to get to the endzone. On the next drive, the Lions were able to reach the red-zone and punch in a two yard rushing touchdown. On the ensuing kick-off the Beavers fumbled the ball and the Lions would recover the ball 33 yards away from the end-zone. The Beaver defense was about to complete another stop by forcing the Lions into a 3rd and long situation, but Lion’s quarterback Greg Simpson tossed a bomb up to receiver Leonard Riston for a 33 yard touchdown. The next score would come from the Beavers by way of a field goal by freshman Jordan Watkins just before half, leaving the Beavers with 10 and the Lions with 17 going into the 3rd quarter.

After unsuccessful drives from both the Lions and Beavers, MSJ’s Simpson would throw up another bomb to a wide open Ronnell Colbert giving the Lions a two touchdown lead. On the next drive the Beavers would have the ball intercepted again. The very next play the Lions fumbled the ball and the Beavers would get the ball back and capitalize with Sheehan connecting again with Micah Roberson for a touchdown pass. The Beavers then held the Lions to a field goal and the next drive Sheehan hooked up with receiver Donovan Brown for a 40 yard touchdown pass with 14 minutes left in the 4th quarter. This would leave the score at 27-24 with the Beavers just 3 points down from the Lions.

With the game winding down, both defenses began tightening up with neither of them giving up scores for the next 13 minutes in the final quarter. With little time left, the Lions orchestrated a long drive ending with a 12 yard touchdown pass from Simpson to Riston. This would put away the Beavers with the Lions leading by two scores with only 1:27 left in the game.

“When you make big mistakes against a good team they capitalize and (Mount Saint Joseph) is a good team. They did what we’ve been doing to teams these past two weeks by causing turnovers and capitalizing on them.” Said Bluffton Head Coach Denny Dorrel after the loss. “We still have two games left to play our hearts out for these seniors.”

No Shave November breaks forth

by: Alexander Lugibihl

As Halloween festivities are ending and people start looking ahead to Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, one major movement is often looked over. No shave November, also referred to as Movember. It is a movement that typically involves males, although females are welcome to participate, in the act of not shaving anything for the entire month of November.

In an article by Matt Johnson through VidetteOnline, it’s said this movement’s official beginning can be traced back to 1999 when a group of young men from southern Australia grew out there beards for charity. In 2004 a similar movement occurred with funding for specifically men’s health issues. By 2006 No Shave November was a part of American culture. Currently No Shave November is linked with a major movement to help raise awareness for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues.

At Bluffton University, many men are ready to participate, and all for very different reasons. Many students like Sophomore Theran Carroll have a personal tie to the cause. “Prostate cancer runs in my family, and I want it to be fought better” Carroll stated. There are many others like junior Sam Stucky who stated, “No shave November is my favorite holiday. In fact, I haven’t shaved in twenty years!” Amidst all of these jokes there is also a certain air of masculinity that accompanies this month. As sophomore Daniel Piero said “No Shave November is a time honored tradition among men.”

In a survey conducted by student journalists at Bluffton University, 50 college males and 20 college females were asked if they were participating in No Shave November and why; the results were relatively predictable among males. 76% of males said that they were participating, and those who said no either had well-trimmed facial hair or had trouble growing a satisfactory amount. In turn, only 15% of females interviewed said they would participate. When asked why they felt the way they did many responded that it was something only men do while those who said yes seemed to be enjoying the idea of a month of no shaving.

As this month takes off, there are sure to be many more furry people on campus, however do not let that distract you from the real reason for all of this face fuzz.

Music review: Logic’s Under Pressure

Logic’s debut studio album Under Pressure under Def Jam Recordings breaks a major trend in today’s music industry. His is a project that you can actually listen to all the way through without having to skip that one song you’re just not feeling.

From song to song the project precisely blends feel-good vibes with gritty lyrics and thought-provoking subject matter.

The “Intro” is uplifting. It sets the project’s tone and serves as an ode to A Tribe Called Quest’s classic Midnight Marauder album by using a ‘Thalia’ character which interjects interesting insight on the album’s creation.

The second track, “Soul Food,” is where you realize how intense this LP is going to be, particularly half way through when the beat switches up. Listening to this song begins to give you an idea where Logic is coming from.

“I’m Gone” lays down a nice-n-easy vibe that sustains as the album progresses in spite of the realness that also persists. This is one of those tracks you put on during a hot summer afternoon just to relax.

The album makes another switch as “Gang Related” comes on next. Logic’s ability to change up his flow shines through here. The beat produced by 6ix- who did most of the production work on the album- makes it tough not to nod along.

“Buried Alive” is a return to the more chill sound introduced in “I’m Gone.” It’s easy to relate to the feelings Logic conveys here. This is probably where you’ll start to realize you’re really digging this album.

If you’ve been a fan of Logic for some time now then you probably like “Bounce.” It’s where his familiar sound makes an appearance. Again, the beat almost forces you to move somehow.

In continuation of a theme he has been working on throughout his career Logic includes “Growing Pains III” in his commercial debut. His transformation from street kid to budding superstar begins to materialize as this song’s introduction clashes with its finish.

If I had to deliver one knock against Under Pressure, it would be that it sounds a lot like Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city which a couple years ago. The track “Never Enough” makes that almost painfully obvious.

Logic shows off impeccable timing and flow over a smooth instrumental in “Metropolis.” At its conclusion he inserts a frustrating conversation with a girl about Quentin Tarantino movies that should make you laugh.

“Nikki” reveals that Logic’s continual name drops during the project are in reference to nicotine which is the stimulant most responsible for the addictive nature of cigarette smoking.

The title track, “Under Pressure,” is where the whole concept comes together. The fast-paced beginning makes for an interesting switch similar to the one in “Soul Food.” The use of real voicemails left by loved ones combined with Logic’s own rendition of those typical messages communicate the challenges he’s had to confront while growing up.

To conclude the project Logic delivers his final argument in expert form with “Till the End.” The sound comes full circle in a way with that uplifting tone from the “Intro” returning.


Deluxe version album artwork

If you get the deluxe version of the album the listening pleasure isn’t over yet. “Driving Ms. Daisy” (ft. Childish Gambino), “Now,” and “Alright” (ft. Big Sean) are all nice tracks too.

Sheldon Pearce writes in his review of Under Pressure over at HipHopDX, “There are a great many moments that make Under Pressure feel like a feature film about Logic’s life, and when at its best, it is creating that sort of imagery.” He summarizes the album by saying, “Logic’s debut is more than a stirring lyrical symphony welded to superior production. It is a condensing of ’90s grit and modern production into something new.”

The most refreshing part of it all is that Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (Logic’s crazy cool birth name) wrote the entire thing. That’s right; in a music industry full of ghost writers some artists still do their own work. They’re the ones worth listening to.

Under Pressure is available anywhere you purchase music. Do your ears a favor and go buy it now. You’ll also be helping to support good music and an up-and-coming artist.

Now comes the hard part for Logic: how to avoid the sophomore slump that so many artists fall into.

Stream Under Pressure for free here.

Keep up with Logic on his official site.

Warning: The album contains explicit material but a clean version is also available on iTunes.