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Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor induction ceremony


The sixteenth annual induction ceremony for the Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor will be conducted on Friday, April 24, 2015. The ceremony will take place in the Atrium of the Ohio Statehouse, commencing at 11:30 a.m.

This year’s class includes representatives from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps who served during the World War II, as well as the conflicts in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

These remarkable Ohioans have all gone above and beyond the call of duty and performed heroically in specific combat actions against armed enemies of the United States of America. For their actions, they have received such commendations as the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star, the Air Medal and the Army Commendation Medal.

The 2015 inductees were born in and / or entered military service from, or currently reside in various towns and cities in Ohio, including Akron, Arcanum, Ashtabula, Batavia, Berlin Center, Bowling Green, Canfield, Carey, Celina, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Conneaut, Dayton, Delta, Dillonvale, Euclid, Findlay, Garfield Heights, Goshen, Greenville, Holland, Ironton, Laura, Litchfield, Marion, Medina, Newark, New Lexington, New Middletown, Pedro, Port Clinton, Portsmith, Reynoldsburg, St. Henry, Springfield, Toledo, Troy, Willoughby, Youngstown, and Zanesville.

The ceremony will bring the total number of Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor inductees to two hundred and eighty-seven, of whom six have received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The induction ceremony will be open to the public. Currently, Timothy C. Gorrell (Director of the Ohio Department of Veterans Services) has been invited to speak at the event, which will culminate with the singing of “God Bless The USA” by Brian Michael Smith.

The Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor is a 501(c)(19) non- profit organization, established in 2000 to recognize Ohio servicemen and women who were decorated for heroism while in combat situations. Please visit our website ( for more information regarding The Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor, the noble service members who have been inducted into its ranks and opportunities for charitable giving.

Ted Mosure
President, OMHOF Board of Directors
Cell: 614-560-9158

Lil Wayne, Miami police pranked?

by: Delano Whidbee

A call from Lil Wayne’s Miami home sent police rushing to the rapper’s house. The YoungMoney Twitter account verified that Weezy was okay and wasn’t home during the alleged events.

The caller suggested that four people had been shot at the mansion. The cops rushed to set up a perimeter around the mansion.  Before these events, about couple weeks ago, cops made their way to Wayne’s place after a “suspicious person” was said to be lurking around the premises. So far, there’s no indication that the two alleged incidents are linked.

Later on that evening cops suspected that this was perhaps a “Swatting” prank, as no evidence of a shooting has been found at the scene. Wayne has confirmed that the call made to police was in fact a prank, taking to Twitter to verify the news.

Why do you think someone would play this type of prank on Lil Wayne? With the all the beef surrounding Young Money, who do you think could have played this prank?

Let us know what you think. Comment Below!

Former NFL star Darren Sharper pleads guilty to sexual assault

by: Delano Whidbee

According to an ESPN report, former NFL star Darren Sharper pleaded guilty, Tuesday in Las Vegas, to a reduced felony attempted sex assault charge, in the third part of a four-state plea deal that prosecutors say will put him in federal prison for about nine years.

The plea agreement calls for Sharper to serve 38 months to eight years in prison for the Nevada conviction, but at the same time as sentences from California, Arizona and Louisiana.

On Monday, the 39-year-old Sharper pleaded guilty to sexual assault in Arizona — again using an internet hookup — and no contest in Los Angeles to raping two women he drugged after meeting them in a West Hollywood bar.

Sharper retired in 2011 after a 14-year NFL career with the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints. He won a Super Bowl in New Orleans.
One of his former teammates, Scott Fujita, called what has happened “disgusting.”

“He was a great teammate, a great player,” Fujita told TMZ. “But all that aside, it’s disgusting and beyond repulsive. Look, I’m a dad of three daughters … If he ends up only serving nine years, it’s an absolute shame. It’s way too short.”

Sharper was working as an NFL network analyst when women began telling police in several cities similar stories of blacking out while drinking with him and waking up groggy to find they had been sexually abused. His arrest came as the league dealt with off-field problems with players accused of crimes ranging from spousal abuse to murder.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

Students help to rebuild hope

by: Chay Reigle, Bluffton public relations

More than two years after Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast, residents of Far Rockaway, Queens, New York, are still rebuilding what was lost. For a week in March, 13 Bluffton University students and staff spent their spring break trying to help.

In association with Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS), the group assisted Sandy victims whose homes had been heavily damaged by the storm, which caused more than 200 deaths and an estimated $68 billion in damage overall. Among other things, they repaired cracked walls and floors and painted the homes of residents who couldn’t afford to fix them anymore.

“Hearing there was still work to be done from Sandy really hit me hard, and I wanted to go make a difference there,” said Rachel Keske, a sophomore from Lima, Ohio, and president of the campus organization SERVE. “The impact I had in helping these families take one step closer to normalcy will be one of the most beneficial feelings I’ll ever have.”

Keske worked for the same residents throughout the trip. She and MDS members mudded and sanded cracked and patchy drywall before applying a long-needed, new coat of paint. Although the process took all week, that week was full of laughter and inspiration for Keske.

“I never dreaded waking up at 6 a.m. to begin the day because I knew we would be helping them move their lives to the next step, after sitting still since October 2012,” when the storm hit, she said.

Jenna Moreo, a sophomore from Spencerville, Ohio, worked in several homes. She helped repaint the interior of a house that had endured extensive water damage, loaded shipments of drywall for delivery to the houses and insulated a basement that had been flooded to its ceiling. “It may seem like all we had to do was work on houses, but it was so much more than that,” she said. “We actually got to meet the homeowners and talk to them about what happened.”

“Hearing how the people whose homes were damaged still have so much hope after two years” was definitely worthwhile, said Kati O’Neill, a sophomore from Wapakoneta, Ohio, who worked with Moreo on the basement insulation project. “You can’t even imagine what happened to them and what they are going through. God is truly incredible and moves mountains.”

Although there’s still much to be done in Far Rockaway, the Bluffton students were happy to help as much as they could before returning to school, and many are eager to serve next spring break, too.

“To be able to give someone something back that we take for granted is a wonderful feeling,” said Danielle Moore, a sophomore from Plymouth, Ohio. “It was a blessing to get to know the families and people at MDS.”

“The thing is, we didn’t ‘give up’ our break; that thought never crossed my mind,” Keske said. “Serving in Far Rockaway was exactly what I wanted to spend my break doing.”

Violence in Ferguson: Timeline of police shooting

by: Delano Whidbee

In case you are unaware details have emerged today showing how the protests outside the Ferguson police department on Wednesday night turned into a crime scene. Two police officers were shot, but released from the hospital this morning, the St. Louis County police department said in a Facebook post.

According to ABC News this is how the horrific night unfolded.

5:30 p.m. Wednesday
Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson’s resignation is announced, one week after the Justice Department released a damning report on what they concluded was widespread racial bias within the police department. The removal of Jackson, who originally came under fire in the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown in August and the ensuing violent protests, was described as a “mutual decision” by Jackson and city administrators.

Jackson did not appear publicly on Wednesday, instead having Ferguson mayor James Knowles address the media and confirm the decision.

8:01 p.m.
St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said that he received a call from his chief of staff who warned him that they should expect protesters to gather in the parking lot of the Ferguson police department.

“I called my staff and I said, ‘Listen, I want this like we always do this. I want this to be a very measured response by the police department,'” Belmar said.

8:15 p.m.
Protesters started blocking South Florissant Road, where the Ferguson police department is located.

8:27 p.m.
A code 1000 was called, which means that the closest 25 police cars are called to assist at the police department. At the time, Belmar said that about 150 protesters were gathered on the roadway.

9 p.m.
The first protester is arrested on the charges of failure to comply, endangering the welfare of a child, resisting and interfering with arrest, and being in the roadway, Belmar said. The individual’s name was not released.

10 p.m.
Over the course of the next hour, the number of protesters in the area fluctuated, first with many leaving but then by 10:00 more arrive prompting a second 1000 call for an additional 25 officers. All told, there are 69 officers at the scene after that call, Belmar said.

10:30 p.m.
A second arrest is made of another individual. In spite of the arrest, Belmar said that he went to bed around this time because the situation appeared to be under control.

“I didn’t really expect the agitation,” Belmar said.

11:15 p.m.
A third, and final, arrest is made — though no further details are given about this individual. Belmar said that the crowd was starting to disperse at this point.

11:45 p.m.
“In fact, by about quarter to midnight we’re beginning to see not only the crowd beginning to leave, but also seeing the police officers that are going to be leaving, some of them,” Belmar said.

12:00 a.m. Thursday
Police hear three or four gunshots, which “immediately strike two officers standing next to each other,” Belmar said.

Belmar guessed that there were approximately 75 protesters gathered and 40 police officers. Of the officers, 20 to 25 of them were standing in a line.

The order in which the officers were shot has not been confirmed and neither have the officers’ identities.


Let us know what’s how you feel about this violent night in Ferguson, Missouri. Comment below!

Suge Knight hit & run video (graphic)

by: Delano Whidbee

Rap mogul Suge Knight’s legal situation isn’t showing signs of improvement, especially now that the full video footage from Suge’s alleged hit-and-run has surfaced. TMZ obtained the footage, which shows Suge’s red truck running over Terry Carter.

The incident proved fatal for Carter. We also see Suge’s truck clip Cle “Bone” Sloan, who suffered minor injuries as a result. Be warned, this is graphic content.

First, we see Bone approach Suge’s window and there’s an obvious scuffle between the two. Suge then backs up, clipping Bone with his car and Bone falls to the ground. Then, Terry approaches, and is completely run down by Suge’s truck.

Suge’s lawyer claims that Suge wasn’t attempting to kill either of the parties involved, he was attempting to flee because he feared for his own life. The lawyer claims Terry and Bone had guns. After Suge makes a run for it in his car, another man approaches Bone, who is now lying on the ground, and removes something from him that could very well be a gun, before putting it in his own waistband.

Watch the video footage here.

Is it over for Suge? What do you think about Suge Knight’s murder trail now that the full video has been released? Let us know what you think, comment below.

Largest fraternity in North America caught singing ‘There will never be a ni**** in SAE’

by: Delano Whidbee

The national headquarters for Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) is closing its chapter at the University of Oklahoma after video surfaced Sunday of members on a bus singing racist lyrics about their fraternity. SAE’s national office said they were disgusted by their members’ behavior. SAE, the largest fraternity in North America, was founded in the Antebellum South.

According to the Huffington Post “all of the members have been suspended, and those members who are responsible for the incident may have their membership privileges revoked permanently,” the national SAE office said in its statement. Prior to SAE’s announcement, University of Oklahoma President David Boren said if they determine it is in fact their chapter of SAE, the fraternity would be removed from campus completely.

Boren did not say if students would be punished by the university, but said in a statement to the Huffington Post, “If OU students are involved, this behavior will not be tolerated and will be addressed very quickly. If the reports are true the chapter will no longer remain on campus. This behavior is reprehensible and contrary to all of our values.”

The nine-second video, uploaded by an anonymous user on YouTube, shows a group of college students in formal attire clapping while they sing racist lyrics to the tune of “If You’re Happy And You Know It” during a date function.

The lyrics as heard in the video:

“There will never be a ni**** in SAE.
There will never be a ni**** in SAE.
You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me
There will never be a ni**** in SAE.”

You can watch the stomach turning video here.

How should the school handle this? How should the students at OU handle this situation? What feelings would you have being a student of color attending the school? How can OU overcome this situation? Let us know what you think, comment below!

clusterFlunk raises $1 million in new funding from Lightbank, launches nationwide

default_gigantic_avatarclusterFlunk, an app that allows students to get better grades by asking questions and uploading/downloading files, has come out of a private beta and made the entire app available to all university students.

Students join the app/website, and get help from students studying similar subjects, courses, or even the same professor. From there they can post questions, and upload/download files to get the help they need instantly. Best of all, clusterFlunk is completely free.

The app that gets students better grades will use their latest round of funding to help every student in the U.S.

They have recently closed a $1 million seed round. Lightbank led the round and was joined by Built by Iowa, an Iowa-focused early stage fund. This investment was primarily for their national launch, as they were in a closed beta at the University of Iowa, after seeing massive success.

While in beta 15 thousand of the 21 thousand undergraduates were using clusterFlunk at Iowa.

“As students, we were frustrated by the lack of access to classmates in our large lecture courses, and we wanted to create a way for more collaboration outside of the classroom,” said clusterFlunk co-founder AJ Nelson. “clusterFlunk provides students with instant help, allowing them to ask questions and upload/download any kind of file (study guides, past exams, lecture notes), for free.”

clusterFlunk launched at the University of Iowa in January 2013, and more than two-thirds of the students on campus have joined the platform. Additionally, three-fourths of clusterFlunk’s users visit the site at least monthly to share notes, ask questions, and collaborate on assignments.

After seeing that success the company has decided to make the app/ website available nationally.

“Students have a lack of resources to connect in an easy way online. Current options such as Facebook don’t offer the tools necessary to share files and truly engage with classmates,” said Paul Lee, partner at Lightbank. “clusterFlunk is changing the way students study, interact and plan on campus. The metrics from their initial launch are impressive, and we’re excited to see the platform expand to other campuses across the U.S.”

More than 65 percent of clusterFlunk’s users said their grades enhanced as a result of the platform, and 38 percent said they made at least one new friend after using the social network.

To learn more about clusterFlunk, visit, or download the app in apple’s iOS store.

Cannabis Crusades 5K run 3K walk at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

The Cannabis Crusades, a 5K walk / 3K run, will take place at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 8:00 am.  The purpose of the race is to collect signatures, to raise awareness, and to show support for the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment sponsored by Ohio Rights Group’s initiative to legalize medical marijuana and protect the interests of Ohio farmers.  The cost of the event is $35 which also includes all day admission to the zoo.  A portion of proceeds will also be designated to to help fund their signature-gathering efforts.



Contact:          Phil Satayathum

Tel:  216.299.5813



2014 word of the year “vape”

With competitors such as “bae, budtender, normcore, and slacktivism”, the word “vape” won the 2014 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year.  Vape is the action of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or other similar devices.

The Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year is chosen each year based on the trending of the word throughout the calendar year. It is also based on the cultural significance and the potential for longevity in the English language.

According to the online Oxford Dictionary the usage of the word “vape” was prevalent through the year, but peaked in April of 2014 when there was controversy around the idea of being able to vape inside of public places.

Past words of the year have included: podcast, unfriend, GIF, and selfie.

When asked about the word of the year professor of English at Bluffton University Jeff Gundy first responded with “what does that mean?” He then proceeded to talk about how this year’s word in relation to past words of the year stating, “it is not as ambiguous as selfie, since I am on Facebook I see more selfies than I see people vaping” and “podcast is still in use…selfie is also still prevalent…it’s hard to tell what is going to happening with the e-cigarette and vaping”.

Even though “vape” has been chosen as word of the year this does not guarantee it a spot in the Oxford dictionary.  Unless the word secures longevity it will not be considered for placement in the dictionary.