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Miss America 2014 to Visit Bluffton

Nina Davuluri in Sept. 2013
(photo credit: @MissAmerica | Twitter)

Miss America 2014, Nina Davuluri, will be the keynote speaker for Bluffton University’s Civic Engagement Day on Wednesday, April 9.  Her speech, which will be at 7:30 p.m. in the Sommer Center, is titled “Circles of Unity: The Celebration of Diversity through Cultural Competency.”

As the first Indian American to be voted Miss America, Miss Davuluri’s experiences are both unique and relevant to this year’s theme of race and ethnicity in America.

Tuesday morning Forum speakers have been addressing the topic throughout the school year, and Civic Engagement Day will continue to do so.

Students are excited for Miss America’s visit to Bluffton’s campus. One male student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “I can’t wait to see her in person. I might even ask her out if I get the chance.”

The event is free and open to the public.

Forum Tuesday November 12 Speaker Justin Romine Spoke About Transformation

For Spiritual Life Week at Bluffton University, Justin Romine came to talk about being transformed not conformed and preached about proving God’s will on Tuesday’s forum.


Romine works with college students from around the world to teach them how to follow Jesus and shows them how to be a transforming agent in the world around them. His mission is to prove that what God has in store for us is good no matter how bad the world around us is.


Romine asks how we see the world and if the way we perceive it is a good world and is it a good place to be. Or is this world that we live in filled with evil. The passage deals with not conforming to the patterns and things of this world or the world itself, but being transformed. “Be an agent of change, be an agent of transformation,” Romine said.

Story by: Lauren Volosin

New Ensemble Puts The “Pep” into Pep Band

Pep Band

The Bluffton University Pep Band, the music department’s newest ensemble, made its debut this year playing at football games to add excitement to the game and pump up the crowd. Rob Young, a senior music education major, decided to start a pep band that would perform at athletic events, like football as well as men’s and women’s basketball games.

Under the direction of Young, the Pep Band includes a mix of music majors and non-music majors who love to play their instruments. They play popular music and stand tunes in between plays and during timeouts, as well as before the game and during halftime.

Patrick Tea, a first-year physics major, enjoys playing in the band, and knows that the crowd has enjoyed the pep band, too.

“Hearing compliments from people about doing good and knowing that they’re glad we’re there is rewarding,” Tea said.

For the future, Tea has hopes for the band and its growth.

“A bigger band and more popular music to learn would be two great goals,” Tea said.

Tea added that it would be a “better incentive” for prospective students if the band grew in the future, too.

The Pep Band practices 4-5pm on Fridays and an hour before the athletic event they expect to play at. Due to occasional conflicts, the band performs at most athletic football and basketball games.

Story by: Caitlin Nearhood

The DAM Roundup

Last Minute Touchdown Shocks #9 Grizzlies, 24-17

The Beavers shocked the HCAC and voters around the country by taking down the #9 ranked Franklin College Grizzlies on Saturday, Nov. 9, after a late 44-yard touchdown grab by Donovan Brown broke a 17-17 tie and helped the Beavers cap their first win over a top 10 opponent in school history, 24-17. 17 points are the fewest the Grizzlies offense, which averaged 51.3 points per game heading into Saturday.  Sheehan finished the day completing 23-of-38 passes for 260 yards and two touchdowns. Frost and Brown hauled in five of those passes apiece. Frost finished with 126 yards and a touchdown while Brown chipped in with 86 yards and the game-winning touchdown. Sheehan’s two TD passes helped him add to Bluffton’s single-season record as the Beavers have 22 now with one game to play. Eric Fox led the Beaver rushing attack with 26 yards on 15 carries. The junior also added 21 receiving yards on eight receptions. Mike Shroyer had a huge day for the Beavers defense with 16 stops and junior Wyatt Herman and sophomore Ryan Aelkerhad big defensive days while constantly pressuring West, racking up 10 and nine tackles, respectively. Travaun Reeves finished with six tackles and a big interception that he returned 25 yards, while Leopold, Ben Schamp and Josh Hadley also recovered fumbles for the victors.

Women’s Volleyball Captures HCAC Tournament Title, Heads to NCAA Tournament

For the first time since 2009, the lady Beavers have made their way to the NCAA tournament. The Beavers overcame two matches in the tournament down 0-2 too Mt. St. Joseph and Transylvania, before domination Hanover College in the finals, 3-1. The HCAC tournament title gave the Beavers a birth into the NCAA tournament, starting Thursday. The Beavers will travel to Calvin College in Michigan, to face the #10 team in the country, Wittenberg. The match starts are 12:30, all coverage for the tournament can be followed at Live video is available at:

Three Volleyball players Selected First Team

Three Bluffton sophomores were named First Team All-Heartland Conference for their workin the 2013 volleyball season. Jenny Brown collected her second straight First Team All-HCAC award thanks to a dominating effort for the HCAC tournament champions. Setter Brooke Ruffer also picked up her second piece of All-HCAC hardware after earning second team recognition with the women’s basketball team in 2012-13. A superb second half of the season propelled Kendra Parmenter to her first All-HCAC honor. The sophomore outside hitter leads Bluffton with 373 kills

Woman’s Soccer Players Recognized for Their Play this Season

Senior Aimee Whitmer capped her superb career at Bluffton by being named first team All-Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference for the 2013 women’s soccer season. Freshman Abby Karikas was selected honorable mention All-HCAC after anchoring the Beaver defense in her first season at Bluffton.

By: Josh Runda

Forum 10/29: Marion Blumenthal Lazan, Holocaust Survivor

No food, no toothbrush, no baths or showers, and nothing to keep you warm for long terrorizing months that felt like years. This is what Marion Blumenthal Lazan, survivor of the Holocaust, unbelievably lived through and was here to share with us her story. She says that this story should live on and people of our generation must carry it on because it is something that never should be forgotten.

Janruary 1944, her and her family were shipped out to the concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen. It was there, where her fear really began as guards with rifles and German-Shepard’s viciously greeted them. Women had to go to one side, men on the other, so she was separated from her father and brother. They were crammed into rooms and had to share uncomfortable straw matrices with only one blanket even in the winter.

The prisoners had to line up in a large field every morning and had to stay there until every single person was accounted for. This could mean they went some days all the way until night and would not get food. Which their food was not much, one slice of bread, but it was all they were given. During the winter, they would even get frostbit and the only cure Lazan said, was pee on the body part with their own urine.

“Malnutrition, dysentery and loss of the will to go on destroyed body and mind,” Lazan said. She said it was an everyday occurrence that people would die. The women, she said, were the ones who survived the most because of their mental will to live to take care of their children. Some people would die because they could no longer go on mentally. To avoid everything bad that was going on, Lazan would play with what she called “Four Perfect Pebbles,” to keep herself hopeful that all four of her family members were going to stay alive.

“Be kind, good and respectful to one another,” Lazan said. She said if there was one thing in life to make sure you do, it was to be kind to one another. That is one of the most important things that will keep this world sane.

Story by: Lauren Volosin

WBWH Sponsored Photography Contest

25 Pictures of You and/or a Friend Photography Contest

This is a team effort! You both can be in one picture or trade off who is taking the picture. You do not both have to be in every picture.

E-mail both participant names to to enter the contest with “25 Pictures” as the subject.

You and a friend have September 26th-29th to take 25 pictures in the following locations:

1. at a set of microphones in the radio station-Founder’s Hall
2. in A dorm room
3. in Sauder Visual Arts with a piece of art
4. in the library with a news paper
5. at the FM tower-behind the baseball diamond/Emery Sears Athletic Complex
6. upper level Marbeck with a statue
7. in the Sommer Center
8. of you and your team member checking out
9. in Marbeck commons with an ice cream cone
10. at the Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center-below Riley Court
11. with J Denny Beaver-available on blah blah blah
12. singing outside of Mosiman or Yoder Hall
13. With your favorite tree on campus
14. On top of Shoker Science Center
15. With something that says Bluffton University
16. With a professor
17. With an international flag-between Sommer and Marbeck
18. Inside or outside of Centennial Hall
19. Near the Riley
20. At the tennis courts
21. At the volley ball courts
22. In Bob’s Place
23. a picture of your choice
24. a picture of your choice
25. a picture of your choice

Each team posts their pictures to Facebook and tags 96.1 WBWH Your Bluffton Connection in each picture or in one compiled album. Optionally use Instagram and use #WBWH

All pictures must be posted by 8:00 AM Monday September 30th

Each participant receives a T-shirt. First prize receives a $50 gas cards, second prize a $25 iTunes cards, and third place gets $10 fast food cards.

We are looking for your creative shots on Bluffton campus! Have fun with a friend and you may win!

Upcoming Campus Events for the Week of September 23 through the 28th

When life starts getting busy, it starts to become difficult to keep track of what’s going on. Check out a few things to give you a break from studying, practices and keep track of some Arts and Lecture Credit opportunities!

On Tuesday, September 24 hear about Cross Cultural Experiences at forum at 11 AM or 7 PM (Arts and Lecture Credits for both). Also on Tuesday there is a Women’s Soccer Game at Home vs. Grace College at 4 PM.

On Thursday evening, PALS will be sponsoring a screening of the film Call Me Crazy with a panel discussion following; Showtime is 7 PM and the event offers an Arts and Lecture Credit.

Wind down on Friday, September 27 with the Harry Potter themed Marbeck After Dark event!

By Ashlee McDonnell

Constitution Day Forum with Judge Randall Basinger

Tuesday September 17th, Putnam County’s Common Pleas Court Judge Randall Basinger, was there to help better inform people about the “The U.S. Constitution and Current Issues before the Supreme Court.” He explained judicial philosophies that provide the constitutional basis for recent and pending Supreme Court decisions. These decisions are controversial issues such as gay rights, health care, immigration, affirmative action, gun rights and abortion.

Judge Randall Basinger reviewed Article 1 of the United States Constitution. He explained how the Article establishes the powers of and limitations on the Congress which has the Legislative Powers vested in a Congress of the United States, the House of Representatives and how there is a two year term with 435 members, and the Senate which must have two Senators from each state and a 6 year term by state. He also explained Article 2 of the United States Constitution, describing how it creates the executive branch of the government.

Judge Basinger went over the Bill of Rights as well, talking about the Right to Counsel, and Right to Privacy. The Bill of Rights includes speech and religion, search, self-incrimination, attorney, cruel and unusual, states rights, and incorporation. The Right to Counsel is when the Sixth Amendment right to an attorney originally applies to Federal Government but was extended to state courts and ultimately to any case where your right to liberty is at state. The Right to Privacy inherent rights such as liberty, happiness, speech, association, and the 14th Amendment. “ It’s the Right of Privacy that gives a women of gives a family, the decision making power available, that involve questions of abortion for example,” Basinger explains.

Judge Randall Basinger received his undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University and his J.D. from Case Western Reserve University. His knowledge certainly showed throughout the forum. He then wrapped up his speech saying, “You have extraordinary privilege, with it, comes extraordinary responsibility.”

Story by Lauren Volosin