Chapel- 1/17/13: Dr. Bechtel Plays Music about Elephants and Preaches on the Significance of Animals

Trevor Bechtel, associate professor of religion, preached a sermon that challenges us to view animals as God’s creation and led chapel with the semester premiere of his band, Anabaptist bestiary project.
Dr. Bechtel began his sermon with the story of Toola, a remarkable sea otter that nurses orphaned sea otters...Read More »

Chapel: Faith in Harmony

This chapel service that was offered on Thursday was given by Professor Jon Peterson and Professor Mark Suderman. They both talked about two different subjects but in the end it was the same message and that is we are to put others before ourselves and that we need to show...Read More »

Chapel 10/11: Being Champs for Christ

This week’s Chapel was given by Sue Ramsey, head girls basketball coach at Ashland University. Her message was on being CHAMPS for Christ, for each letter of the word “Champs,” she gave a word that we should be if we want to consider ourselves Champs for Christ, and these were...Read More »

Chapel: Covered By Love

This weeks chapel message was given by our very own campus pastor Stephen “Tig” Intagliata. The message in itself was quite simple: we are to love others as Jesus loved them. Tig states “Jesus covered sin with love.” He uses the scriptural reference of John 8:1-11 which...Read More »

Chapel: Imprinting by the Creator

Rob Diener was the guest speaker for Chapel this week; he is a pastor at Pleasant View Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana. He gave a message on how we, as people, are imprinted by the creator.

Diener starts out with giving examples of homing pigeons that he has bred and raised....Read More »

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