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Clarification on Bluffton Connection's Role

Since our re-launch on Sept. 30 Bluffton Connection has successfully posted new content each and every weekday on which classes have been held. While this is exciting news, we realize that some mistakes have been made and that a few weeks of work is nothing to brag too much about.

Shortly...Read More »

Student Senate Collecting Signatures for Water Bottle Filling Station

Another water bottle filling station is in the works for the Bluffton University campus. For the last few weeks, Student Senators have been collecting student signatures in support of this measure.

The purified water-filling station would be installed on the first-floor of Centennial Hall. The unit would be the same as...Read More »

Come and See “The Magic of Life”

The Magic of Life is not just an alcohol awareness program or an anti-drunk driving program; it is about a mother’s son sharing his story, trying to make a difference.


At 9 p.m., Friday, Oct. 17, Michael Gershe will present his “The Magic of Life” alcohol awareness program.  Michael Gershe is...Read More »

My Life on the Sidelines

“Okay, you can do this, stay tight. Smile! Squeeze legs, lock out arms, and.. hit! YES! Crap, I’m supposed to be saying words too. Oh ouch, I can’t hold this stunt much longer. Smile! Ugh, so many blank stares. How many times...Read More »

Colombian Cross Cultural Students Help Victims of Cali, Colombia

Last week, Bluffton students who participated in the Colombian cross cultural experience in May held a coffee and hot chocolate sale. The proceeds benefited 42 families who were left homeless by a fire in Charco Azul, a marginalized neighborhood in Cali, Colombia.

Virgelino Cordoba, whom the group met while in Colombia,...Read More »

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