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Facing our fears for Spiritual Life Week

The winning team of the Fear Factor event: Josh Burkholder, Alicia Rodriguez, Aimee Lugibihl, Katey Ebaugh, and Tobin Eicher

Sometimes, being a follower of Christ means doing stuff we really don’t want to do. Sometimes, we have to...Read More »

Guns near Bluffton Schools

by: Lucas Augustine

On April 20 1999, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris walked into their high school in Columbine, Colorado and shot twelve students and one teacher. Since then, school shootings have become a great concern for many Americans.

In the village of Bluffton, Ohio many of the university students are unaware...Read More »

Busy weekend for Beavers athletics

This past weekend was a busy one for Bluffton athletics as the fall sports concluded and the winter sports began. The cross country, volleyball, and football teams finished their 2014 campaigns in championship competitions while both basketball squads started their push toward championship runs of their own.

Cross country runners competed...Read More »

Fire alarm interrupts Keeney Peace Lecture

As Dr. Stanley Haurwas gave the annual Keeney Peace Lecture in Yoder Recital Hall to a crowd of around 100 on Monday evening (Nov. 10), something out-of-the-ordinary occurred. The noted Episcopalian theologian had finished his presentation of an hour and a half and was beginning to answer questions from the...Read More »

Renowned theologian speaks at Bluffton University Kenney Peace Lecture


Dr. Stanley Hauerwas, world renowned theologian and Time magazine’s 2001 “America’s best theologian”, was this year’s Keeney Peace Lecture key note speaker.  The event was held Monday, Nov. 10 in Yoder Recital Hall on the Bluffton University Campus.

During the speech, titled “How to...Read More »

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