96.1 WBWH FM Staff

Our Staff Positions

Mitch Gatzke

email Gatmca@bluffton.edu

Program Director WBWH


Lano Whidbee 

email whidda@bluffton.edu

Music Director WBWH


Daila Moore

email Moodsa@bluffton.edu

Public Service Coordinator/Buisness Manager WBWH



Tobin Eicher

email Eictla@bluffton.edu

Sports Director WBWH










Dave Woodward

Technical Manager WBWH



  1. Mark Stutzman says:

    Beginning for the 2013-14 Season, 96.1 FM WBWH will begin broadcasting many Men’s andWomen’s Soccer matches

    The above is copied from your sports page and was on there last year already. It stated “many”. I do not recall any of them broadcasted last year. Was any broadcasted? Are you planning on any this year? Also was wondering if there could be a schedule posted as to what games are going to be broadcasted here on this site. That would make it easier than going to each individual sport scedule

  2. Amelia says:

    I would like to place a banner in the Footer Content.

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