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BlufftonConnection.com is an online news source which is written, produced, and managed by Bluffton University students. You will find stories about the Bluffton community, sports, and campus activities. BlufftonConnection is also connected with the campus radio station, 96.1 FM WBWH. Base formats on WBWH are Smooth Jazz/Modern R&B and Alternative Rock.

Most of the students involved in BlufftonConnection.com and WBWH are students of the Broadcasting and Journalism and Communication majors, but this is not a requirement for involvement. Both BlufftonConnection.com and WBWH are open to students of all majors who are interested in participating.

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  1. red mackay says:

    May 30, 2014

    February 01, 2014 (date created)

    Good day to you!

    Are you reporting the NEWS or are you just another PROPAGANDA MILL?

    9/11 is the hottest news story of the century, yet we have only just scratched the surface on this colossal murderous enterprise and the main stream media have completely and recklessly abandoned their roll of investigating this still unsolved crime. 19 Arab buffoons did not commit this barbarous act and anyone who promotes the buffoons hypothesis is a fool at best.

    So many people conspiring to conceal the truth, this is utter madness!

    Are you reporters being told to promote the 19 Arab buffoons theory for the 9/11 controlled demolitions? So, would you like to inform me how these 19 buffoons were able to load these buildings with all those explosives without being discovered? We know the planes hitting two of these structures had nothing to do with their collapse, and building seven, well, considering the evidence available, an imbecile can deduce explosives were used to PULL all three buildings! Perhaps you are deaf, blind and stupid. Now if this is the case, I can understand how easy it would be for a person to misdiagnose the 9/11 destruction and pin it on a group of, 19 Arab buffoons you say, what is that, a clown act?

    All media outlets have investigative journalists/reporters but it appears not a single one of them has been given the editorial license to print their findings, that is, any evidence that would discredit the 19 Arab buffoons lie. If this isn’t a conspiracy I don’t what is! Your reporters know leaving a situation where they are being completely stifled will not help because they know the same situation exists at any other main stream “Shit House”. But they have a choice and if that choice is to remain where they are and allow themselves to be gutted like dead fish, then they too are aiding and abetting the murderous scum who truly committed this cowardly crime. In essence, the reporters are being USED to aide and abet the criminals, is that okay with you? Is it so easy for so many to slither away from their moral and ethical responsibilities?! Another step towards domination by the psychopaths who think they have a right to dictate how we live and who will live!

    Have all you reporters been bought and paid for? Are you afraid of something or someone? Be very afraid for your future and your families futures should you continue to remain silent on the crime of the century. 19 Arab buffoons, as I type this I’m laughing, go ahead laugh with me, it’s pretty funny isn’t it? And you know what, if you’re not laughing, your silence will be the major reason for the success of the murderous scum who wish to dominate and control our very existence. Maybe you’re a “Society” minion or slut who sold out and now you find yourself … well, I think you can conclude where this line ends for you. Do you think it makes it easier to be a scum bag when you know you’re surrounded by like minded scum bags? Put them all in a room and they feed off of each others bravado, fueling their greed, their disregard for those other useless humans who are just in the way.

    There will be a day of reckoning soon and you are all likely employed by a person(s) who are in some way guilty of aiding and abetting the “de facto” murderers on 9/11/2001. At the very least, your employer(s) have willingly and agreeably directed you to distort, misrepresent, concoct, ignore, etc., the facts of how all three World Trade Centre buildings were explosively demolished. Does this make you an accessory after the fact? Any intelligent critical thinking person knows they were brought down with the use of explosives and other incendiary devices. This is not fantasy, this is fact. I wont argue this fact with anybody. It is what it is, they were blown up, pure and simple. Yes, I know, you know too! So are you going to continue to allow yourselves to be manipulated, handled like obedient 10 year olds? You know, they have us all trapped, we are afraid to speak up, we are afraid of losing our jobs, job security was taken from us and that has helped turn us into whimpering, cowering serfs. They know this and they are successfully shutting you up! Do you think it’s time you found your balls?

    How do you rationalize and accept what you know to be a grandiose lie?! So, you are at peace, knowing you could make all the difference to millions of human beings lives? It’s okay with you that the “truly guilty” murderous scum continue to walk among us, continue to grossly exercise their conceived superiority over us. If your answer to this is yes, you most surely lack any moral or ethical fibre. I pity you but to a greater degree I pity the family members that will live in the hellish future you have bestowed upon them because of your cowardice. But you don’t care, do you, there just isn’t any sense of morality in your being!

    If all the reporters of these main stream media outlets were to organize they could be the catalysts for the undoing of this massive cover-up and misinformation campaign that is discounting all the evidence that undeniably concludes explosives and other incendiary devices were used to demolish all three buildings on 9/11. You could help end this treasonous, murderous gluttony if you weren’t one of their whores. Are you?

    ORGANIZE ….. put these bastards out of business, the business of murder and rule by usurpation.

    19 Arab buffoons…. start the laugh track boys …. somebody still thinks it was the murderous styling of Osama and his gang of buffoons!

    Red MacKay Please contact via email.

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