Should I Take My College Student Off My Auto Insurance?

When it comes time for your children to go off to college, you are faced with many difficult decisions. One of those decisions being should I keep my college student on my auto insurance policy? You may think it’s best for your teen to branch off and to purchase their own auto insurance policy, however, there are so many benefits of bundling with them instead. If you are trying to save money on your FL car insurance from here, or keep reading as this information may apply to you! Here are the few best-kept secrets when it comes to why you should keep your college student on your policy.

More savings!

Being on the same car insurance policy with your child/student is so much more affordable than paying out for two policies.

You can all share cars

Did you know that you are completely covered if you drive each other’s vehicles?  This eliminates the need to let your insurance company know who is driving what.


It is so much easier to maintain one policy instead of two. Many FL drivers love the convenience of managing one single policy.

Get that good student discount!

Many insurance companies will offer you discounts if your college students are good students.

Distant student discount

Many insurance companies will offer discounts to students that go away to college.

Can it be more affordable for my FL college student to be on their own policy?

Sometimes it is more affordable to do things that way. Your college student may have their vehicle in a zip code that is more affordable. Then you could both save money by having individual policies according to If you as a parent have had tickets and accidents and your student has not, then they would also benefit with their own separate policy.

No matter the case your college student will need to be insured with auto insurance in FL. Whether you decide to keep things bundled or to go separate, you should know that there are always better deals out there. With some hard work and careful searching, you could find some great online FL car insurance rates online.

Finding deals online is easy. It only takes collecting a few Florida auto insurance quotes. Once that’s out of the way compare and decide which is best for you. By rule of thumb try to collect 3 or more quotes. It is also essential to read everything carefully! Better get to work now in order to determine which is best for your college student.