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Smooth 96.1 A Singles List

This is a list of the most played singles on Smooth 96.1. Artists listed in alphabetical order.

Last updated: Feb. 25th, 2014.


Althea Rene – Sunday Cruise

Ben Tankard - Thicker Than Water

Bob Baldwin – Seabreeze

Chris Standring – Sneakin’ Out On The Floor

Euge Groove – Faithful Central

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Ready When You Are

Herb Alpert & Lani Hall – Côte D’azur

Kim Scott – Treetops

Marqueal Jordan – 4 Sunny

Michael Manson – Just One Touch (Live)

Najee - Champs Elysees

NIcholas Cole – Snap

Oli Silk – At Your Service

Patrick Lamb – Savoir Faire

Pieces Of A Dream – Steppers “D” Lite

U-Nam – Something’s Up



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