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Bluffton University Sports Coverage96.1 FM WBWH and covers all Bluffton University sports, through written articles, posted videos, or live broadcasts. Usual sports broadcasted live on a yearly basis on 96.1 FM WBWH includes Football, Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and Baseball.

Beginning for the 2013-14 Season, 96.1 FM WBWH will begin broadcasting many Men’s and Women’s Soccer matches.

Important Note: 96.1 FM WBWH Sports Coverage preempts any regularly scheduled programming, including on-air shifts.



Other Information

For a programming grid, follow this link: 96.1 FM WBWH Programming Grid.

For more information on the music and segments heard on WBWH, follow this link: WBWH Programming Info.

For WBWH’s complete schedule, follow this link: WBWH Full Program Schedule

For more specific information on WBWH’s Specialty Programs, follow this link: WBWH Specialty Show Schedule

You can hear WBWH locally in Northwest Ohio at 96.1 FM and online on or TuneIn.

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