New Rock Alternative 96.1

New Rock Alternative 96.1 – WBWH’s Modern Alternative Rock Format is geared toward the students here at Bluffton University. During this format, you’ll hear the top artists from today’s most popular Alternative Rock bands and performers. Besides the hits of today, you’ll also occasionally hear an essential track from the 90′s or early 2000′s.

Modern Alternative Rock is WBWH’s secondary format and is heard on Monday through Thursday Nights as well as Saturday Afternoons. For all of the times that this format airs, refer to the Full Programming Schedule. This format is branded as New Rock Alternative 96-1.

-Examples of Artists You Will Hear During New Rock Alternative 96.1:

Today’s Top Bands and Performers

Green Day, Linkin Park, Mumford & Sons, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Keys, Muse



Important Note: 96.1 FM WBWH Sports Coverage preempts any regularly scheduled programming, including on-air shifts.

Other Information

For a programming grid, follow this link: 96.1 FM WBWH Programming Grid.

For more information on the music and segments heard on WBWH, follow this link: WBWH Programming Info.

For WBWH’s complete schedule, follow this link: WBWH Full Program Schedule

For more specific information on WBWH’s Specialty Programs, follow this link: WBWH Specialty Show Schedule

You can hear WBWH locally in Northwest Ohio at 96.1 FM and online on or TuneIn.

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