"My Road, Our History," A forum presentation by Dr. Elizabeth Soto Albrecht

Dr. Elizabeth Soto Albrecht, moderator of Mennonite Church USA shared her story titled “Mi Camino, Nuestra Historia” which translates to “My Road, Our History.”  Dr. Soto started out her presentation by explaining that this is was not her story, but our story.  She explained her journey of traveling from Puerto...Read More »

Forum Tuesday November 12 Speaker Justin Romine Spoke About Transformation

For Spiritual Life Week at Bluffton University, Justin Romine came to talk about being transformed not conformed and preached about proving God’s will on Tuesday’s forum.


Romine works with college students from around the world to teach them how to follow Jesus and shows them how to be a transforming agent in the world around...Read More »

Forum 10/29: Marion Blumenthal Lazan, Holocaust Survivor

No food, no toothbrush, no baths or showers, and nothing to keep you warm for long terrorizing months that felt like years. This is what Marion Blumenthal Lazan, survivor of the Holocaust, unbelievably lived through and was here to share with us her story. She says that this story should...Read More »

Constitution Day Forum with Judge Randall Basinger

Tuesday September 17th, Putnam County’s Common Pleas Court Judge Randall Basinger, was there to help better inform people about the “The U.S. Constitution and Current Issues before the Supreme Court.” He explained judicial philosophies that provide the constitutional basis for recent and pending Supreme Court decisions. These decisions are controversial...Read More »

Forum Video: 2012 Presidential Leadership Lecture Introduction by President James Harder

...Read More »

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